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British airways from paris to london

I am thinking of traveling with british airways from paris to london, I have been told that it offers very good prices and services, you can enjoy different benefits depending on the class you choose, but what my friends have told me is that the deal is very Good since according to them is because […]


How to take train from paris to london

You are planning to enjoy a relaxing holiday with your family in Europe, and ask how to take the train from paris to london, suddenly you worry about not knowing how you’re going to do to go along with your loved ones the way from Paris to London, also you wonder what it will cost, […]


Overnight train from paris to london

If you’re looking overnight train from paris to london should discard the idea. From London to Paris there is a fast train covers this distance in just two hours, which is half hour underground journey across the English Channel through the Channel Tunnel. Two hours of nothing you can do at any time of day. […]


Train from paris to london

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